Performance Facts…

Fact #1: When your key business stakeholder (the manger or head trainer) is genuinely more supported on a daily bases they will work with greater efficiency and competency, not to mention be more happy in their working environment.

What does this mean for you, the owner of the business? Greater overall management performance and less stress.

Fact #2: When your key business stakeholder (the manger or head trainer) has more operational structure and organization from week-to-week, they will have far greater output and work productivity from month-to-month.

What does this mean for you, the owner of the business? Faster net business growth with more monthly membership numbers.

Fact #3: When your key business stakeholder (the manger or head trainer) has set monthly sales targets, with the accountability system and detailed monthly marketing plans to help them, they will be in a much stronger position to achieving those targets on a consistent basis.

What does this mean for you, the owner of the business? More total monthly revenue, bottom line profits and free time!!

What is the ClubChampp Software
System and Business Portal?

ClubChampp is the first all-in-one software system and business portal ever developed within the global fitness market to specifically assist club managers and owner operators, run a more systemized, structured and streamlined fitness business, by increasing weekly productivity and efficiency.

At ClubChampp HQ our sole purpose is to immediately raise the performance of the key stakeholder (the club operator) with the tools, resources, procedures and accountability systems to enhance their daily effectiveness.

“When a club manager or operator is more supported with daily resources, detailed marketing plans, operational systems and procedures; aligned with a very clear weekly structure to hit monthly sales targets, then it’s near impossible for any club or studio not to have consistent growth. At ClubChampp we have a very clear mission – To turn your gym or studio into a high performing organization.’’

Frank Smarrelli - CEO and Founder of ClubChampp

Over 300 Ready-To-Use Marketing Campaigns

Club or studio operators regularly leave their monthly marketing campaigns to the last minute. Many often execute poorly with average copy writing skills and no real marketing action plan, then wonder why a specific promotion has not had the traction they were hoping for.

ClubChampp has eliminated this issue by providing over 300 ready-to-use gym and studio marketing campaigns. From birthday promotions to fire sales, and every promotional offer in-between. With a single click you will have access to professionally written email, SMS, Facebook and Instagram promotional content.

Access to 100’s of Social Media Campaign Images

When you subscribe to ClubChampp you will have instant access to hundreds of ready-to-use promotional campaign images for both Facebook and Instagram. Branded graphics for Anytime Fitness, F45 Training, Snap Fitness, Jetts, Genesis Health and Fitness, 9Rounds, 12 Rounds, Plus Fitness and a lote more.

Use The Ultimate Gym &
Studio Accountability System

Most club or studio managers and owner operators simply don’t know how to organize or structure their day to gain maximum weekly performance. ClubChampp gives you the ability to plan, organize, and track in one visual collaborative Master Activity Calendar.

Customize your workflow into 3 key activities; important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important and urgent.

Additionally, set important reminder emails for important and urgent tasks, so they are prioritized and performance in increased from week-to-week.

Plan Every Monthly Marketing
Campaign Well in Advance

Within the software and business portal dashboard you will have immediate access to the Drag-and-Drop ClubChampp Marketing Calendar. Save valuable time and build out your entire monthly or quarterly marketing promotions in minutes. Every promotion is broken down into 3 key pillars: Internal Marketing, External Marketing and Digital/Social Marketing. Within these 3 pillars exist dozens and dozens of specific gym and studio strategies. Simply save and email to the club/studio owner or other business stakeholders every month.

Keep Staff Accountable With Reports.

Management reporting helps keep managers accountable to their specific roles within your health club or studio.

As an owner you need to be aware of what your manger is doing from week to week. You don’t need to micromanage and know every single thing that they are working on. However, you still need to be on top of things like marketing promotions, leads and sales conversions for the month and their overall focus points to drive more business through the doors.

ClubChampp has many different reporting capabilities from monthly marketing plans to weekly manager tasking reports.

Easily Create Your Very Own
Policies & Procedures Manual

Create and document your very own business operations, staff systems and procedures manual with ClubChampp’s easy-to-use templates and policy written software module. Hire staff faster and more efficiently by creating clear precise job descriptions so you can attract the right candidates.

Streamline and systemize your business so it can run without you; whilst focucing on scaling within the fitness industry or starting new and exciting projects outside it.

Turn your gym or studio into a high performance organization, by simply subscribing to ClubChampp and using all the accountaibility tools and modules.

More Great ClubChampp Features


Marketing Campaign Snapshot

Easily create a “one-page”snapshot of your monthly marketing execution plan that instantly shows all the key implementation elements. Simply save and email to the primary business stakeholders.


Marketing Campaign Snapshot

With one click, generate different types of reports to monitor your manager’s daily activities. Choose from a list of reports under the Reports Tab to get the performance information you need to better track the weekly productivity of your manager.


Marketing Campaign Snapshot

Your Master Activity Calendar tells you at a glance whether your club or studio manger is falling behind with important and urgent activities. As they work on these high priority tasks the Master Activity Calendar updates automatically in real-time.


Marketing Campaign Snapshot

ClubChampp allows you to create and structure a simple workable business plan that connects all the dots in your fitness business. Additionally, manage change with good planning processes and regularly update and review your progress.

Our Commitment to our Customers

At ClubChammp we have a simple office philosophy; constant and never ending improvement. Our commitment to all our global subscibers is, “we really listen.” If you have an idea about how the software and business portal system can be improved to further enhance the productivity and performance of your staff and ultimately your business, then we want to hear about it. Simply email and one of our senior partners will be in contact within 24-hours.

No Contracts To Sign

ClubChampp has a no risk subscription as you can cancel at anytime you wish if the software doesn’t meet your business needs.

Instant All-In Access

Receive instant access to the full range of tools, templates and documentation to help develop and improve the productivity of your staff.

Full Customer Support

At ClubChampp we like to look at our subscribers as a true extension of our organizational family. We have a support team that works around the clock to answer your questions.

ClubChampp – Turning Your Gym or
Studio Into a High Performing Organization

$ 299

AUD / Per Month

(No Contracts & No Set-Up Fees)