A Technical and Digital

Revolution in Cryptocurrency

EbbiCoin is the first crypto currency to harness the power of the blockchain to build an ecosystem of enterprise level products and services

EbbiCoin Innovations that will have a clear advantage over other
cryptocurrencies and tokens.

  • Staying truly Anonymous
  • Security
  • Transaction Speed
  • An Opportunity to make Money

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EbbiCoin purchase to the public through the actual ICO


trading platforms have had issues in the past with hackers, breaches, and stolen cryptocurrency but not anymore.


IOATA technology makes it easy to transfer your EbbiCoin int Fiat currency.


EbbiCoin all transaction fees from the blockchain are split between miners/stakers, and the EbbiCoin Reserve Account

Coin Price During ICO

  • First Round
    May 10 - May 17
    $ .70
  • Second Round
    May 18 - May 26
    $ .80
  • Third Round
    May 27 - June 4
    $ .90
  • Final Round
    June 5 - June 20
    $ 1.00

runs on its own Blockchain

Development for the foreseeable future, EbbiCoin is the first cryptocurrency that is building an entire suite of enterprise scale business offerings with our blockchain at their core. Our ever growing Eco-system will allow for the actual daily use and spending of our coins but also a measurable growth of value. Opposed to other low quality coins and tokens that merely have random perceived values and the inability to actually spend them.

EbbiCoin is not a token which is run on some other cryptocurrencies block chain. EbbiCoin runs on its own custom and innovative blockchain, which means that we can continue develop new and amazing ways to use cryptography in our products and offerings. Without having to worry about pre-imposed rules and restrictions built into code belonging to someone else. We have full control over the destiny of our block chain and can ensure rising value of our coins, through hard work.

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EbbiCoin is a new cryptocurrency that is not just a coin.

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