Have you taken at least one round antibiotics in your life?

Have you been prescribed antibiotics to treat a yeast infection or Candida Overgrowth?

Have over-the-counter (OTC) and antifungal drugs failed to get rid of your yeast infection symptoms?

You’re not alone.


Candida, yeast, and bad bacteria are non-human intelligence…

Aka Aliens…

Living on, and inside of you.

When these creatures hook their claws into you…

Inside your intestines…

Have you taken at least one round antibiotics in your life?

They can brainwash you into feeding them and helping them grow.

Candida, yeast, and bacteria act intelligently:

  • They eat your food (which is the main cause of your bloat).
  • They pass gas (you fart, because they fart).
  • They procreate, colonize in different groups, and spend ALL their time trying to manipulate your brain… through their influence on your gut.
  • They eat their way into your flesh, so they’re protected, and can grow in stronger numbers more rapidly.
  • They are even at the very core for WHY human beings are quickly becoming resistant to antibiotics (sending us back into the dark ages of medicine).

Now, that might sound too science-fiction-like for your taste…

But until you realize that your health is more about them…

And less about you…

The symptoms and trauma of Candida Overgrowth and yeast infections will likely never stop. (Keep you imprisoned by a body that’s in-dysfunction.)

You have three options

  1. Starve the candida and yeast.
  2. Eliminate the candida and yeast.
  3. Let the candida and yeast control you.

And control they will, if you give them ANY fuel at all.

That’s HOW candida and yeast take over your body.

These fungi, living inside of your gut, are addicted to sugar and yeast (such as bread).

So, when I say brainwash you into feeding them, I’m talking about pretty much every craving you have for sugar and carbs.

That’s… them.

But here’s where it gets really science-fictiony:

Candida has a slimy substance surrounding and protecting it….

And it connects all of the candida together.… into a single colony.

Take note of that; it’s important. (I’ll come back to this in a minute.)

But if you think these non-human fungus and bacteria are only in your gut or reproductive areas, think again.

Candida, yeast, and bad bacteria can get into any part of your part…

From your lungs…

To your brain and your “ability” to feel naturally happy.


Chronic yeast infections (where you have acute symptoms four (or more) times a year) can devastate even the sanest people.

When you consider that 75% of women only get one yeast infection in their lifetime, having 4 outbreaks in a single year, or dealing with on-going symptoms…

Can completely dominate your life.

Maybe it already is.

And whether you have occasional or chronic candida and yeast infections…

Anywhere on or in your body…

It’s a problem you want to immediately address.

Once this aliens invade…

Their only programming is to intelligently take over your entire body.

if you’ve taken multiple rounds of antibiotics or deal with daily stress over your symptoms, I can virtually guarantee…

They’re winning.

Just to drive that point home…

When’s the last time you looked at your tongue?

That’s a favorite spot for yeast and candida.

It’s also a good indicator of a present yeast and candida condition.

Remember, the mouth is the beginning of the gut.

As above, so below.

But it’s obviously NOT just the mouth and tongue…

Candida Overgrowth and chronic yeast infections live (and thrive) in the moist folds of our reproductive regions.

I’m talking about Women and Men.


Men and couples are being stricken with yeast infections, too.

Sadly, a large portion of men don’t even know they have an active yeast infection.

There are no obvious symptoms.

What’s even more interesting is:

70% of women who experience a yeast infection…

Get it from their Male Partner.

So, if you’ve ever felt shame or embarrassment about yeast infections…

A lot of this really isn’t your fault.

Of course, it is each of our responsibilities to eliminate bad bacteria, candida, and yeast…

While rebuilding the good bacteria in your intestines and reproductive areas.

Unfortunately, once Candida Overgrowth starts…

It’s really hard to defeat with diet alone.

After all…

How many times have you beat yourself up for not having enough willpower?

Likewise, probiotics aren’t enough either; they’re meant for repopulating your gut with good bacteria.

Probiotics don’t eliminate the Candida Overgrowth, bad bacteria, and yeast that’s causing your chronic symptoms.

Don’t worry, I discovered what does.

So, if you are in a relationship…

I recommend both of you take advantage of this information (or you just risk endlessly spreading it back and forth).


Anyone who suffers from Candida Overgrowth knows that it can eliminate your life…

And even the strongest, most loving relationships.

  • The burning.
  • The itching.
  • The discharge.
  • The irritation.
  • The red sores.
  • The embarrassment.
  • The trauma.
  • The constant fear that anything will trigger your next outbreak.

But yeast infections are a symptom…
Not the problem.

The REAL issue is a much, MUCH deeper, chronic dysfunction.

And it’s a dysfunction that’s affecting your 2nd brain.

2nd brain?


The 2nd brain controls:

  • Weight, sugary cravings, and satiety.
  • Your mood, including emotional ups and downs, and the ability to feel happy.
  • Your digestion, getting fuel to your cells, bloating, gas, and other IBS-related symptoms.
  • Inflammation and your immune system.
  • Your empathy (or intuition)... aka “gut-feeling”.
  • Even how quickly you prematurely age.
  • And yes, the health of your reproductive system (including chronic yeast infections).

Your 2nd brain might be the most intelligent part of your body…

Not the brain in your head (aka the 1st brain).

Your 2nd brain is where your body’s health AND happiness is ultimately decided…

By bacteria and fungus.

With that in mind…

Did you know that our human bodies are made up of more bacteria and fungus, than human cells?

Sure, we require a certain amount of bad bacteria, yeast, and candida for our bodies to maintain a healthy, optimal Homeostasis.

Homeostasis just means the body’s natural state of healthy balance.

And really, your only mission is to restore your body’s optimal Homeostasis (by eliminating the excess bad bacteria, candida, and yeast).

But as I mentioned, antibiotics changed everything.

In 1927, we were introduced to Penicillin, and the era of antibiotics.

So, from too young of an age…

Many of us have taken way too many antibiotics…

And it damaged our body’s fragile gut-balance (which should ideally be 85% good guys to 15% bad guys).

We even get low-dose antibiotics from many of our meats and foods.

That makes the bombardment on your gut…

Virtually constant.

And if you don’t eliminate the Candida Overgrowth that usually results…
You’ll likely stay trapped in a body that’s controlled by The Bad Guys.

Since Antibiotics had such an unexpected, and unprecedented impact on our fragile gut-ecosystem…

Human beings are dealing with symptoms, like Candida Overgrowth and yeast infections, in larger numbers than ever before.

Antibiotics are also a large part of what’s made Autoimmune Dysfunctions, like Chronic Fatigue, and inflammation a part of many people’s daily lives.

They can even trigger premature, rapid aging.

Sure, they’ve absolutely saved millions, if not billions of lives.

But no matter how miraculous of an invention antibiotics are…

They created the perfect storm for our gastrointestinal tracts to get taken over by yeast, candida, and bad bacteria.

That’s because antibiotics eliminate all the good bacteria inside of the gut-brain…

Giving yeast an unopposed way to repopulate the gut.

Antibiotics can also feed candida, and help make these cells grow stronger…

And replicate faster.

What’s scary is…

Antibiotics are often prescribed as the first line of defense against Candida Overgrowth.

Even though…

These modern day miracles of medicine are largely responsible for triggering the whole cycle in the first place.

Another scary thing is…

There’s a slimy layer that bad bacteria, yeast, and candida all secrete to protect themselves.

This layer of mucus has actually become antibiotic resistant, and could be setting humanity up for a reality similar to life… before antibiotics.

So, this conversation isn’t just about Candida Overgrowth or yeast infections; it’s about taking control of bad bacteria, candida, and yeast…

So THEY don’t control… us.

Now, 2nd and 1st brain communication is hugely important.

The gut-brain greatly determines HOW neurotransmitters like:

  • Serotonin…
  • Dopamine…
  • And GABA…

“Talk” to the 1st brain.

It gives us the chemical-ability to feel happy, energized, driven, and able to easily sleep throughout the night.

The gut-brain also affects our satiety hormones:

  • Leptin (the fullness hormone).
  • Ghrelin (the hunger hormone).

What’s scary about bad bacteria, yeast, and candida having massive influence over our satiety hormones is…

It opens the door for:

  • Emotional Eating…
  • Overeating…
  • Losing control of our weight…
  • Anxiety…
  • Sleeplessness…
  • Addiction to sugary, candida-overgrowth-feeding foods…
  • And feeling constantly stressed out by our never-ending symptoms.

As I alluded to…

The candida, yeast, and bad bacteria can essentially “brainwash” us…

Into feeding THEM through something called the Vagus Nerve.

That’s what connects the 2nd and 1st brains.

It’s like a neurotransmitter superhighway.

Now, how exactly is all of this relevant to chronic yeast infections?

Well, let’s take a deeper dive:

Bacteria is the itchy scratchiness on the outside of the genitals (for women and men).

A woman is going through a number of different things:

Number one, she’s wondering, “What am I experiencing?”

She's going to pay attention to the pain in her reproductive region;

The itching and scratching…

What kind of periods she's going through…

And what color her discharge is.

After a month or two of this, most women finally think to themselves, "Oh my gosh. This is me!"

​ Number two is…

Most people are instantly wondering

“Where did THIS come from… and why do I have it?”

Some of that goes to blaming, herself and her partner.

"Did I get this from him?"

It can become too influential in couples intimacy, and even their desire to stay together.

For a man…

The yeast hides in the folds of the scrotum, which is a moist area that makes colonizing and replicating themselves faster and easier.

And when a man deals with chronic candida overgrowth…

It doesn’t just make him feel bad about himself..

It can make lots of men feel undesirable, and shatter their confidence.

Here’s the thing about yeast infections:

When you realize you and your partner might be transferring yeast, back and forth, it’s something you both have to treat, together.


Whether you’re in a relationship (or not)…

You deserve to regain control over your reproductive system.

And quite frankly…

The quality of your life.

That’s why I took over 20 years to discover a better way to approach Candida Overgrowth…

With structured, alkaline water and silver.

Introducing My Doctor Suggests Structured Silver Kit:

Now, ​the gel is my first choice for immediate application.

The gel is going to likely going to give most people the quickest relief from candida overgrowth-related symptoms.

Simply put The Structured/Alkaline Gel onto your hands…

And apply it to the genital region.

Here's how it works:

Structured, Alkaline Silver is clinically shown to eliminate bacteria and yeast.

Silver can actually bond to yeast and candida.

It has the ability to break through the membrane of the cells…

Like pulling the plug on them.

“How” you wonder?

Well, silver is missing an electron.

That means…

It's going to steal an electron from anything it comes in contact with.

But it only targets that bad bacteria, yeast, and candida cells.

Now, here’s what’s makes structured, alkaline silver so important:

Since yeast, candida, and bacteria only have a single wall around them…

When silver steals an electron…

They open up and rupture.

Just so you can clearly SEE what I mean…

​Imagine a single yeast cell:

These malicious-looking cells attach themselves to any possible surface…

Like the skin, intestines, or our reproductive area.

The yeast and candida secrete poisons that help them take over their new environment…

And eat everything they can… to grow… including our tissues.

When the yeast and candida consume enough fuel…

They have enough protein to build a snot-like membrane around themselves.

Yeah, I said snot.

It's a biofilm.

The biofilm carries all of the individual yeast and candida cells, inside of it, but now, as a group of cells, rather than individual ones.

This biofilm gives the yeast and candida more protection from antibiotics, immune cells, supplements, and even antifungal treatments.


​ The structure of my alkaline water has been documented, in numerous scientific studies, to help break down the biofilm.

The silver is also shown, in particular, to break down the membrane that protects the yeast, candida, and bacteria…

By getting its missing electron.

Again, it's like pulling the plug… or popping a water balloon.

This is NOT Colloidal Silver.

In fact, Colloidal Silver is toxic, and dangerous.

Colloidal Silver can even inhibit other candida and yeast treatments from properly working.

On the other hand…

Structured Silver is bioavailable (meaning it gets penetrates your candida and yeast cells)...

It’s safe…

And Structured Silver can actually accelerate the results of other traditional treatments.

So, whether you’re a woman or a man and you feel itchiness…

Or see red, lesion-looking sores near your reproductive areas…

You can put the gel directly onto the irritation.

It's the perfect choice for any redness, for any rash, or for any blister.


It doesn't matter if you know if it's a bacteria or yeast…
Always reach for your silver gel.

The Silver Solution is like getting an internal, clinical-strength washing of structured, alkaline silver deep inside of your intestines.

After all, we want to address the core of where the candida overgrowth is coming from… inside of the gut-brain.

The lotion is all-natural, and includes other amazing ingredients, like soothing essential oils, to help your skin feel light and fresh.

Together, these products can help our bodies manage the rampant Candida Overgrowth that’s changing our lives (and not in a good way).

But I want to make sure you’re equipped with the lifestyle awareness to help accelerate your body towards Homeostasis.

The Silver Miracle dives deeper into how to address and combat yeast, candida, bad bacteria… and even mold and virus. This is critical information every woman, man, couple, and family should absolutely know. This isn’t just for yeast infections and Candida Overgrowth, but discovering how to move towards health… in a world that’s quickly becoming collectively sick.

Her addresses everything women need to know about the many, MANY applications of Structured Silver. I’m even going to lay out how Structured Silver can be used for STDs, a safeguard against rapid, premature aging, and even using Structured Silver Gel as a lubricant. Yes, intercourse can actually HELP the health of your reproductive system.

The best part is…

If you don’t get reprieve from YOUR Candida Overgrowth…

I’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

You either get results, or you don’t pay.

That said…

Over 90% of people who order my structured, alkaline silver products…

Become lifetime customers.

Even better…

Less than 1% of customers ever return their products.

Now, after being in the supplement industry for decades, I can assure you…

The way our customers love their silver products is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

And the reason is simple:

Once you start seeing and feeling rapid results...
It’s painful to let them go.

Why should you?

It’s important to remember, the body is intelligently designed to repair itself.

It simply needs the tools to do so.

Structured silver is one of those powerful tools that’s scientifically shown to help the body return to a healthy, balanced Homeostasis.

One last thing:

When you’ve tried everything, it can feel painful to get your hopes up about something working.

I get it.

I’ve seen what happens when people have tried everything to get rid of their chronic Candida Overgrowth and yeast infections.

Here’s the truth:

My discovery is clinically-proven to address these issues at their very core.

You have every right to feel hopeful and excited about this, because it is the real deal.

  • You deserve freedom from this frustrating, angering, and devastating problem.
  • You deserve to feel excited about life after yeast infections.
  • You deserve to try this brand-new, scientifically-proven Candida Overgrowth management system.

And most importantly…

You deserve to have your life back.

Why not?

So, feel confident… and let your hope positively guide you one more time.

Order your Candida Overgrowth Silver Kit today, risk-free.

To taking control of your body!

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for My Doctor Suggests Structured Silver to work?

A: Every body is different. But generally, most customers start seeing results within the first few days.

Q: Will I experience “die-off”?

A: So, die-off is when an abundance of bad bacteria, yeast, and candida cells are ruptured, and become liquid-like. But if you have a LOT of bacteria and fungi in your intestines, it’s possible you can feel bogged down, or even flu-like. That’s not a bad thing. Once you eliminate the die-off out of your system, it’s like feeling the clouds part, and the sun shines through.

Q: If I don’t actively have symptoms, should I still use the Structured Silver products?

A: Yes, absolutely! The best way to treat a problem… is to prevent it from ever becoming an issue in the first place. You always want to keep your body as close to Homeostasis as possible.

Imagine, for a second, your body is a bank:

There are only so many withdrawals you can make before you’re bankrupt, right?

You want to constantly keep making deposits, so you don’t have to deal with the pain of being broke.

Well, it’s the same with the body; you want to constantly give it the tools to repair itself, while optimizing HOW your body performs, in every way possible.

That way, you can likely avoid a great deal of trauma and chronic, acute symptoms.

Q: What if I don’t see any results?

A: Firstly, the mechanism of Structured Silver works the same… in every body. Again, it’s simply a matter of how much bad bacteria, yeast, and candida you currently have in your system. Also, you can’t put lots of toxicity into your body AND expect your symptoms to change.

In other words…

If you’re drinking every night, or smoke all day, your 2nd brain is being bombarded with sugar… which fuels the candida, yeast, and bad bacteria.

So, it’s a matter of eliminating as much of their fuel as possible, while destroyingeliminating these cells… at the same time.

As the Structured Silver destroys the bad guys, your sugary cravings will likely keep reducing, on their own.

Q: Should I take probiotics, while using the Structured Silver?

A: Yes, while you destroy candida, yeast, and bad bacteria… you simultaneously want to reinoculate your gut with good bacteria. It’s all about tipping the scales back into the direction of the good guys.

Q: Can Structured Silver also help with my all-over-the-place emotions?

A: Absolutely. Remember, your happy hormones (neurotransmitters) are largely produced in your gut, and have to “talk” to the 1st brain… via The Vagus Nerve. So, as you restore optimal balance of good and bad guys inside of your gut, chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine, and GABA can more easily reach your brain. That’s the foundation for HOW you can bring true stability back to your emotions, and even your stress response.

Q: Speaking of stress response, can Structured Silver help with stress?

A: Stress… is just what it sounds like. So, when candida, yeast, and bad bacteria put stress on your immune system, it’s also stresses… the stress response.

Lots of stress, huh?

That means, your body is likely pouring stress hormones, like Cortisol, into your bloodstream. And when you have lots of Cortisol streaming through you, everything feels harder, and takes more energy.

However, by relieving the stress a out-of-balance gut can cause on your immune system… we can trigger a reprieve in your stress and inflammation responses.

Q: Are there other uses for the products?

A: There are lots of purposes really. For one, lots of customers use it for their skin. Structured Silver can help with acne, fine lines and expression wrinkles, ingrown hair inflammation, toenail fungus, and more.

Q: If I decide I don’t like the products, or they don’t work, how do I get my refund?

A: Call us @ ###-###-#### or email us here.

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